Work With Deb

Mini Retreats

Creating the Vision for your Year

Spend 3 hours with like-minded women tapping into your wisdom and guidance to create the vision for your year ahead. This mini retreat involves journaling, gentle movement and playing with some basic art supplies.

In person or on Zoom
Date: TBD
Time: TBD

Discovering Your Path to Joy Part 1

When you have a dream or desire that is pulling at you, how do you get started in achieving it? Discovering your Path to Joy gives you the foundation to easily start listening to your inner wisdom and taking the steps to pursue your dream!

3.5 hours
Date: TBA

Discovering Your Path to Joy Part 2

Part two builds on the confidence and clarity you gained from DYPJ Part 1 and helps you design the support you need to keep you on the path without struggle or the need for willpower!

3.5 hours
Date: TBA

From Stuck to Moving Forward

Sometimes another perspective is all it takes to get you moving towards your goals and dreams again. Being stuck is no fun and this mini-retreat will show you where you are blocked and give you the tools to get back into your "game"!

3 hours
Date: TBA