About Deb

Who is Deb?

I am passionate about personal and spiritual growth! I completed my Personal Leadership Coach Training in 2007 and my Professional Certified Coach designation in 2013. My private practice started in 2005 and in addition to being a coach, I am also a Certified Yoga Instructor, Certified SHE Yoga and Meditation Teacher, and a Way of the Happy Woman™ Certified Retreat Leader. Before all this happened, I earned a Bachelor of Human Ecology and a Bachelor of Recreation Studies.

Over 2500 hours of individual and group coaching combined with an eclectic mix of past jobs and life adventures has given me unique insight into what stops women from living their lives the way they imagined. I have also taken countless training courses, seminars and workshops in the past 35 years and had the privilege of working with experienced mentors and teachers who have helped me to blend all my education, training and experience into the skills that I bring to Get It Dunn.

Why is this work so important to me?

Because I know how it feels.

Growing up, I never felt settled in myself. I never felt like I belonged... anywhere. The way that I processed and thought things through was never fast enough and my tendency to move more slowly usually meant that I was left behind or left out. I came to believe at a young age that my way of doing things and viewing the world was wrong and that I was not and would never be enough.

So painful.

But this pain prompted me to start a journey of discovery that showed me another way and that my rhythm is exactly right and enough. Now I share this process with other women because I want you to finally be able to relax and be who you are, not who society tells you that you should be.

Following my rhythm has led me to do many things in life like:

training a dragon boat team, overcoming my fear of snakes, jumping off waterfalls, traveling to over 20 countries, backpacking in the wilderness, swimming with dolphins, sailing off the west coast of Canada and the east coast of Australia, diving at the Great Barrier Reef, kayaking in New Zealand, recording a song with Great Big Sea, learning to swing on a trapeze, dancing in a flash mob, zip lining through the forest canopy in Costa Rica, learning Spanish and ballroom dance

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