Welcome to Get it Dunn

I am so delighted that you have found me.  Now you can take a nice, deep breath and relax while you stroll around my site and see what’s here for you!

My name is Deb Dawson-Dunn and I am the Chief Joy Officer of Get It Dunn and it is my pleasure to be your guide on the journey back to yourself!

If you have ever felt like something is missing from your life (even though it looks like you have it all) you will find some ideas and resources here that will help you massage that empty spot and bring you to a place of more meaning and joy!  My life coaching practice has given me the opportunitiy to work with so many women who tell me that they want to:

– Have more time and energy
– Make a bigger impact on the world around them
– Reduce their stress
– Have a more fulfilling professional career
– Have more joy and happiness

If any of these resonate with you, you can connect with me through the connect petal on your left and we can have a chat about what might be right for you.  Right now you might be interested in The Way of the Happy Women Retreat or you can sign-up for our monthly newsletter and check out “Your Joyful Place,” where you can access articles, tools, free downloads and MORE!

It’s so great to have you here – I hope you enjoy yourself and that you will come back and visit often!