Client Testimonials

“I have known Deb for 3 years now, and she is a source of inspiration in how she faces challenges and learns and grows from them with more wisdom and insights each time. If you are looking for a coach to give you powerful insights and help you get the results you are looking for, Deb will certainly be an asset on your team.” – Dr Lise Janelle D.C. author of Conversation with the Heart.

“The Clean Sweep Group with Get it Dunn kept me motivated to do what I promised myself, and to be accountable. How everyone handled their own projects also inspired me to stick to my plans and sweep away all the weight of paperwork, disorganization and live much healthier. Deb is amazing! She gives us the tools, words of wisdom, and creativity to overcome our fears to move away from excuses and embrace positive changes in our daily habits, and just “Get it Dunn”! – Jackie Clark-Tuzzolino, Massage Therapist, Sundragon Studios

“Being part of Deb’s coaching group gave me a sense that we all are working toward getting some things accomplished but that we are also looking for a sense of ‘positiveness’ and awareness in our lives. Your guidance through the sessions was like a good map, helping us to find the many different ways we could arrive at our destinations, some of us sooner than others.” – Maggie Duncan

“Seriously Deb, you’re a genius! My day has just been one joyful thought after another. I feel abundant in every aspect of my life at this moment. I feel like my passion is being expressed so much that it is pouring out around me right now and I can’t contain it. I literally have found myself jumping up and down in my kitchen a few times today yelling "wooohoooo I get it, I get it, thank you thank you, I get it!!!! Thanks for being such an awesome coach” – Heather Racano

“Thanks Deb. I really appreciate (ed) your input in this whole process and this little bit has put the icing on the ‘carrot cake’ so to speak. I’ve done a lot of thinking since then about the possibilities of what life has to offer me if I’m open to it. I’m looking at new job opportunities for me and oddly enough, having done this (coaching session) has encouraged me to not be fearful of what is out there… but actually forge forth and see what comes up!” – Jan Severloh

“Thank you so much for this opportunity. I was given “tools” and ideas as to why I have the issues we discussed. I will definitely explore this further as I tackle these issues on a daily basis.” – Cathy

“My coaching with Deb has really helped me move forward in life. I have tried many therapies that have focused on my past. With Deb we looked at the past in context of how it influenced my future and where I want to be and how to get there. One session has changed my attitude towards my life and I look forward to future sessions as I get a life with Get it Dunn.” – Janet

“You are doing such great work on this planet, keep doing what you do so well. I know it has changed my life. Thank You, Deb!” – Martial Tougas

“Getting it Dunn is more than you think, working with Deb is a courageous act. She helps you follow your own inner voice even when you think it is not possible. Deb has a way that is intuitive and open, her coaching style brings me up and supports me when I needed to be courageous and follow my own wisdom the most. I recommend her to anyone who feels confused about life’s path.” – Carol Puchailo

“It’s interesting how talking out ideas, thoughts and fears can help to bring clarity, vision and identify sources of apprehension. I left the session feeling positive, motivated, confident and inspired to follow through with my goals and aspire to surpass them.” – Roselle Turenne

“I love meeting with this woman! She always makes me laugh.” – Christine Dubyts