Are you puzzled by the name of my business? You aren’t alone. People often tell me that it doesn’t quite reflect the ways that I can help you…until I relate the story behind the name.

I had been searching for a name but hadn’t found anything that made me giggle inside yet. The solution came one warm, sunny afternoon in my backyard while relaxing and chatting with my husband and a good friend. The conversation had turned to happiness and joy (one of my favorite topics). I had been noticing how many people seemed to be unhappy. These were competent, intelligent and talented people who seemed to always have an excuse to postpone their happiness, to delay their joy. “Why do people put off their happiness for another time?” I asked. “Why don’t they choose joy now? Why don’t they get rid of what’s in their way and get it done now?!” We all realized at the same moment that the name of my business had just been born!

I am deeply passionate about helping women find more joy and meaning in their lives. I started Get It Dunn in 2005 so that I could help you reconnect to yourself and your joy. I don’t want you to put off your happiness or wander around trying to find more meaning in your life – I want to help you get it dunn, now!

What I’ve dunn that makes me legit (for those who want credentials):

International Coach Federation – Professional Certified Coach (PCC) 2013
Coachville – Completed Coach Training 2007
Certified Laughter Yoga Facilitator – 2005
University of Manitoba – Bachelor of Recreation Studies 1992
University of Manitoba – Bachelor of Human Ecology 1987
My greatest passion is personal growth and development. I have taken countless training courses, seminars and workshops in the past 30 years. I have also had the privilege of working with many experienced mentors and teachers who have helped me to blend all of my education, training and experience into the skills that I bring to Get It Dunn.

What I’ve dunn that makes me qualified (for those who want life experience):

I have been officially helping people improve their quality of life since I was a candy striper at the local hospital at the age of 12! Since then I have worked in a drug store, a cemetery, an awning factory and snake dens. I have been a park interpreter, ski instructor, camp counselor, sales person, fitness instructor, camp director, head resident, program coordinator, women’s wellness program coordinator, Reiki practitioner, laughter leader and I’ve had a paper route (as an adult…ask me about it sometime)!

I have worked with children, teenagers, adults and seniors; children and adults with disabilities, women, men and children with diabetes and women recovering from cancer.

What I have dunn that makes me confident (for those who want a role model):

I have trained a dragon boat team, overcome my fear of snakes, jumped off cliffs, traveled to over 11 countries (but still not nearly enough!), backpacked in the wilderness, encountered a momma bear with her cub, swam with dolphins, sailed off the west coast of Canada and the east coast of Australia, dived at the Great Barrier Reef, kayaked off the coast of New Zealand, recorded a song with Great Big Sea, learned to swing on a trapeze, danced in a flash mob and performed the marriage ceremony of my niece and her (now) husband!

What I’ve dunn to connect with my joy (for those who want “walk the talk”):

Despite having been a bridesmaid 4 times and a best “man” twice, I managed to get married and my sweetie, Chris and I live happily together in a little piece of forest in the city of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. We affectionately refer to the deer that frequent our backyard as our pets (except when they eat my flowers…then it’s not so affectionate!).

When I’m not coaching, I spend my time doing yoga, reading, journaling and meditation. I also love to camp, hike, cycle, downhill ski and dance…any kind of dancing will do but I have also been a student of belly dancing for more than 12 years!

What I’ve dunn to establish a network (for those who want connections):

I love to connect with all kinds of organizations, groups (local and online) and individuals. I am a proud member of:

Women Business Owners of Manitoba
Ladies Who Launch
Toastmasters International
International Coach Federation
The Dairy Queen Blizzard Fan Club (best membership, ever!)

What I’ve dunn that has been recognized (for those who want fame!):

I’m not big on competitions or winning awards but I have achieved a few things in my lifetime like the 1st runner up in the 4-H Dress review when I was 14 and 1st Princess in the Carnival Queen Contest when I was 15. I have won a few speech contests as well but just in case you think I can’t actually make it into first place…

2009 – I won the Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Award for Emerging Business
2010 – I was voted one of the Top 100 Outstanding Graduates for the century in the Faculty of Human Ecology.
2010 – I became a best selling author by contributing to the book Celebrating 365 Days of Gratitude

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